TRUE LIFE: Dad’s touching deathbed chat with Gay son might make you cry


Last week, a Reddit user by the name of Taystee4Ever revealed a touching story about the day his father died, and the thing he said to him just before he passed away. We’ll let Taystee4Ever tell the story from here:

“A few months ago I was sat with my dad in the ICU as he was dying and he coughed at me that he didn’t think he had long to live. I realized that it was either now or never, so I looked him straight in the eye and said ‘Dad, I dunno if you’ll be proud of me or not, but I love you so much and want you to know that… I’m gay.’ He took a deep breath in and said ‘I know Donny, but don’t tell your mom until you’re 15 or she’ll wonder why you still want to go to eagle scouts.’

He then relaxed back in his pillows and closed his eyes and, with one weak gesture, asked me to come close. ‘Son, I’ll always love you, no matter what, but please remember to take the trash out on Tuesday night,’ and then he slipped away from me.”

It didn’t take long for replies of support to flood in from all four corners of the globe:


“That’s good advice, and remember to wash your plastic bottles and jars before putting them out”


“Where I am, the bins are taken out on opposing weeks so make sure you’ve got the calendar or you’ll look a fool”


“Shut up homo we all have to take trash ot you nothin special bitcvh”


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